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Welcome to the Official Mililani Town Association Website.  This site is best viewed with IE 9 or higher.  Tips for finding information on this website, first look on the tabs above, if you don't find it there try the MTA Newsletter on the  "Downloads" Page.

Obtain your account number and BUR number from the bottom portion of your statement, or email PayOnline@mililanitown.org with your name (owners only) and property address to obtain your login information

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REGISTRATION OPENS 09/15/2014 AT 8AM. See application for details.
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2014 MTA Holiday Fair - Map Update: 9/15/2014 3PM

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     The Mililani Town Association homeowners have a common vision about life in their community.  It is a peaceful, attractive and well-maintained community.  The quality environment is protected and the safety and security of the homeowners are ensured.  Neighbors are caring, friendly and family-oriented with a blend of young and old.  Schools, churches and support organizations foster the “family-living” theme of this planned community. The shopping centers, markets, theaters, restaurants and professional offices are easily accessible as are health care facilities.  Fire emergency is available within the community and police and ambulance services are located close by.  Parks and walkways are abundant throughout the community.  The homeowners association provides efficient, financially stable management with concern for maintaining property values and for the purpose of protecting the peace, health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the owners of Mililani Town.  The Mililani Town Association represents the best interest of the homeowners collectively.  The association provides a diversity of recreational activities through its recreation centers and programs/classes to meet the recreational, educational and leisure-time needs of its members.  MTA maintains an effective rapport with its homeowners through friendly and courteous service.  This website is provided by MTA to better serve our community.

Mission Statement

To maintain, preserve and enhance the common areas.  To contribute to the homeowners' quality of life, in a homeowner-friendly environment.  To provide for efficient and financially stable management and operations.  To ensure fair and consistent application of the Mililani Town Declarations, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for the purpose of maintaining property values and preserving the peace, health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the homeowners.




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