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Effective June 5th, 2020, outdoor pools at Rec. 1, 2 and 7 will open at 7am for lap swimming only.  The facilities remain CLOSED and entrance for lap swimming is only available with a reservation, made via the MTA WebTrac system.  This is to eliminate contact between members and staff, and to prevent gathering at our facility entrances.  You must have a WebTrac login to make a reservation, click here to get the application form <Click Here>.  You must have your valid MTA ID card to enter, or a photo of your card on your smart phone.  You will not be allowed entrance without an ID, staff will not look up memberships.

These rules are necessary during the current COVID19 situation, in order to follow government requirements, OSHA requirements, CDC recommendations, and to protect our employees and members.  These are rules that are irritating to some (even some of us at MTA) but they must be followed, so yelling at staff will not solve anything.  When pickleball and tennis first opened, we had the yelling members in the beginning, but now those same members play all the time and can make reservations quickly.  Lap swimming will be the same, it might be painful in the beginning, but once it becomes routine, it will be simple.  Make reservations online, bring your member card, use your assigned lane, swim your allotted time, and stay safe!

Dave O’Neal, General Manager

See MTA Rules page. Look under Mililani Town Association Rules for the newest amended Emergency Rules rules. 


June 4, 2020