1. The homeowner or agent of a MTA property must submit a completed “Transfer of Privilege” form (formerly known as the “Renter Card Request” form) either in person or notarized if unable to come in person. Said agreement must indicate the names of the renters residing at the property address. The property homeowner or agent must return all “Homeowner” or previously issued “Renter” membership cards issued for the property being leased. By doing so, the homeowner relinquishes all membership privileges to the Mililani Recreation Center and transfers said privileges to the designated renter(s). “Renter” cards will not be issued until all outstanding “Homeowner” cards and previously issued “Renter” cards are returned to MTA.
  2. “Renter” cards shall be issued at a nominal fee to the renters as designated by the homeowner of the MTA property or its agent.
  3. Each “Renter” card shall be valid for one (1) year or the term of the rental lease agreement, whichever is shorter. All “Renter” cards must be returned immediately upon expiration or termination of the rental lease agreement, whichever takes place first.
  4. Renters with “Renter” cards will be entitled to all Mililani Recreation Center privileges with the exception of the Youth Center facility which will require the payment of an additional fee.
  5. MTA staff must witness homeowner’s signature.