WARNING: Online Assessment Payments

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We have recently been informed of websites, not affiliated with Mililani Town Association (MTA), claiming homeowners may pay their MTA assessments through their websites. MTA does not endorse and cannot verify the validity of any bill payment website. Search engines often pull up these types of websites, which offer payment services for additional fees. These websites may appear to be affiliated with MTA but are not. MTA cannot guarantee that payments made through these websites will be received by MTA, and cannot verify how personal information and credit card details will be used.

When using search engines and searching for anything associated with Mililani Town Association assessments or payments, be sure to inspect the listed results and URLs by looking for spelling errors and/or additional characters or words. Be aware that websites may take extreme measures to present the visible appearance of having an affiliation with MTA.

Homeowners may pay their assessments online through the official MTA website (www.mililanitown.org). Once on the official MTA website’s home page, online payments may be made by clicking the second icon in the top left corner, in the appearance of a credit card (if you put your mouse over the credit card icon, “Pay Online” will appear). Clicking this icon will take you to the appropriate page to make your online payment.

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