Proudly Serving Starbucks®

Café Hours:
Monday-Friday7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Weekends8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Phone:(808) 440-2609

Rec 7 Café Menu

MTA is proud to have teamed up with Starbucks to bring some of your favorite drinks like Iced Mochas and Frappuccino blended beverages here at the Rec. 7 Café at a discounted price! All of our products and recipes for our drinks are straight from Starbucks so you can be assured you’re getting the same taste and quality you get from your local Starbucks. We also run specials as well so it’s good to come by and check out what we’re featuring at any given moment.

We’re also lucky to have a fresh pastry delivery 2-3 times a week by The Patisserie. They provide a wide array of items like flakey turnovers, doughnuts, danishes, cookies and muffins. All in various flavors as well. The traditional blueberry muffin is a popular item and their oatmeal cookies are a nice little treat kids enjoy after school. There are so many items to choose from that our orders are always a little different, so come swing by and take a look at which tasty treats we have in our cake stand for the day. Another option is to follow us on Instagram @rec7cafe to keep up to date on when an order comes in and what we’re offering at the moment.

The Rec. 7 Café staff is here to either help start your commute to work, take a break during the day to relax, get a pick me up before picking up the kids from school, or just brighten up your day with a treat while you enjoy all the other great things Rec. 7 has to offer. You can count on being greeted with a smile and leave with a tasty drink, snack, or both!”

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Rec. 7 Café Q & A

Unfortunately, no Starbucks Gift Cards and the Starbucks Phone App. do not work here at the Rec. 7 Café, they reserve these perks for retail locations only.

The pastries and food items Starbucks sells at their retail locations are strictly for their use only. Therefore, as a We Proudly Serve location, we needed to find our own pastry supplier. Luckily, The Patisserie has agreed to supply us with their wide variety of baked goods. We get fresh deliveries 2-3 times a week and we like to have a variety of items and flavors for you to choose from. A typical order would consist of different flavors of muffins, turnovers, danishes and cookies. I enjoy the chocolate croissant with my cup of coffee in the morning, or a banana muffin with an iced tea for a midday snack.”

We carry the basic Starbucks menu, and some promotional and seasonal items as well.  Our baristas are always there to answer any questions about what drinks we can or cannot make for you, but we’ve got a lot of the favorites, like the Caramel Macchiato, Café Mocha, and the famous Pikes Place brewed coffee.

All the baristas in the café are MTA employees and all Mililani residents as well! They have received training from a Starbucks representative to make sure the quality and execution of recipes are up to the same standard you would get at a Starbucks retail location.

There sure is! We recently did some redecorating in the game room area, which now serves as our Internet Café, with free WiFi access, computer terminals, and plenty of seating. It is also still the home of the Rec. 7 Business Office.

The pool table, which was in need of some costly repairs, was removed from the rec. center to make room for two leather reclining sofas and a huge flat screen TV. It’s now the perfect spot to watch the next game, read a magazine or book from the lending library, study or catch up on some work online, all while the kids play ping pong or a board game.

Other than signing in at the front desk when you first arrive at the rec. center, there are is no sign in sheet or fee for using the computers or the WiFi in the Internet Café. Just grab a seat and enjoy the convenience and space!

Yes Rec. 7 Café is owned and run by yours truly, MTA! It’s another perk of living here in Mililani so come check it out, along with everything else Rec. 7 has to offer!