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Curb Painting

Attention Homeowners!  There is a flyer going around some neighborhoods from a company offering to paint your house address on your curb.  Some of the flyers state “Mililani Town Association Approved” at the top. Please note that painting your address on your curb is allowed under MTA Design Rules, and no approval is necessary.  MTA…Read More

COVID-19 Update

Aloha MTA. The following is the most current information as of 9/27/20. Please check our website for updates as things change. We will continue to adjust business operations and policies as needed. See the latest emergency rules for specifics. The following actions take effect September 28th, and will affect some of our homeowners: Rec centers…Read More


Please see the latest emergency rules Updated 9/28/2020.  Emergency Rules Regarding Common Areas (Amended 9/28/2020)Download See MTA Rules page. Look under Mililani Town Association Rules for the newest and latest amended Emergency Rules rules. 


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