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HECO power outages in Mililani

From:  Hawaiian Electric Company Customer Care Center

Regarding:  Recent Power Outages in Mililani

We sincerely apologize for the multiple outages that have recently affected you and other customers in Mililani. We recently implemented changes to improve safety in areas identified by the State of Hawaii as at-risk for wildfires, such as Mililani.

We have increased the sensitivity of our safety features to shut off power quickly if any disruption is detected.   In the interests of safety, any disturbance may result in an outage that affects areas with both overhead and underground service. These precautions are intended to reduce the possibility of energized lines and sparks falling to the ground.

The recent outages in Mililani originated with faults in the underground electrical cables that service the area. Although these cables are underground, they are connected to circuits that include overhead power lines.  Our team is in the process of formulating a plan to address the issues causing the recent outages in Mililani.  Ongoing projects have been replacing the direct buried lines with conduit to protect the new lines.  These projects take time to design, plan and construct. 

Providing safe and reliable electricity to our island community is a responsibility that each of us at Hawaiian Electric takes very seriously. We understand that any power outage is inconvenient and that repeated outages are especially frustrating. A letter has been mailed to all affected customers and Company Representatives will be attending the Mililani Neighborhood Meeting on March 27, 2024 to address community concerns.

Mahalo for your patience and understanding.