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Notice of Closure (Rec 7 Gym)

Aloha MTA.

This is to notify you of an upcoming closure of the gym at Rec. 7 for resurfacing. The gym will be closed from Monday, May 20th through Sunday, June 2nd. It will reopen Monday, June 3rd.

During the closure, the surface is going to be sanded down to the bare wood, and any needed repairs made. Next, new lines are going to be painted, matching the existing lines and adding in two pickleball courts. Then the clear coat surface will be installed and given time to cure.

Upon reopening, we will be scheduling pickleball hours in addition to basketball and volleyball hours. This will provide our pickleball community with a place to play in the rain, as well as a location to use when the pickleball courts at Rec. 3 are closed for a year during the renovation. We will be trying different options, beginning in June, and fine tuning the schedules based on feedback from gym users and maximizing the use of the gym for the most members.

We will post updates as they become available.


May 3, 2024