Rec 7 Gym

ATTENTION: G Y M WILL BE CLOSED at 4:30 pm for Volleyball Clinic On Monday, August 12th Mahalo

Rec 2 Baby Pool

6/13/2019 @ 9:25am: Rec 2 Baby Pool will be closed until further notice due to maintenance repairs. 6/13/2019 @ 11:00 AM: Rec 2 Baby Pool is now open.

Rec 1 Spa

6/5/2019: Rec 1 Spa will be closed until further notice due to maintenance repairs. We will send an update when the repair has been made.

Rec 7 Gym

ATTENTION: Update 4/29/19 RECREATION CENTER 7 G Y M WILL BE CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE ================================================== Monday, May 20th through Wednesday, May 29th We apologize for the inconvenience

Online Reservation Coming Soon.

We will be launching a new online software system to register for MTA programs and reserve facility rentals very soon. An email address is required in order to use the system. If you have never filled out an “Owner Membership Information” or a “Transfer of Recreational Privilege” form, you will need to fill out the “Online…Read More

Duplicate Quarterly Assessment Notice

ATTENTION:  If you received a duplicate quarterly assessment notice, please disregard the duplicate.  Our vendor that prints and mails our quarterly reminder statements sent out a batch of statements using a bad template which resulted in some statements not deliverable by the USPS.  To ensure everyone in the batch receives a statement, at no cost…Read More